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If you have any technical problem,please send email to  sales@cameldigital.net . Your questions will be answered with 24 hours.
Flowchart of Sending back RMA Units
1) Customers confirm RMA information ( Quantity, capacity, question ) and contact with sales department
2) Our sales Department confirm HK address to Customer. 
3) Send back RMA units to HK,  we will pick up RMA units from HK , 
4) Sales department confirm RMA information and inform to Customer after received .
5) Sales-after department repair RMA units within 10 working days   .
6) Sales department confirm RMA units with Customer after repaired , and send back to Customer  
After-sales service policy
1) Warranty period – 12 months from delivery.
2) Each unit have a serial number on hard to remove label with encoded the production date and unique unit number. Numbers range is attached with every shipping invoice.
3) Clients send to CAMEL minimum every 3 month list of defected units (only device without accessories and boxes) with following information: item no, serial no, problem description (already verified by YOU technical department).
4) Clients send only devices with damages covered by warranty. The damages made by user fault (like broken LCD, cover, liquid inside device, etc.) obviously not been send to CAMEL. 
5) Clients send damaged products at own cost to CAMEL (HK) . CAMEL will send the repaired good products to clients
6) CAMEL will issue Credit Note for all received items within original purchase price latest within 10 working days after receive parcel 
7) The RMA rate not exceed 5%  in the Warranty period.(except the software of device must be upgrade because of user wrong operation )
8) Clients pay freight from Your city to HK, CAMEL pay freight from Shenzhen to Clients city.
9) The new package and accessories can be replaced by the original package and accessories. If  clients do not offer original package and accessories, Clients should pay for them
10) If some the accessories is damaged by man-made and need to replace, clients have to pay for them.